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John Boston Pale Ale beer

Let’s be clear: the Lost At E Minor office is quite partial to a case of two of cleansing ales. We favour brews that have real taste and spirit. So there was delight all-round when we were introduced to a new Australian Lager and Pale Ale: John Boston.

John Boston’s recently launched range of beers pays tribute to the founding father of beer in Sydney — John Boston himself, a brewer who made the first beer from maize in 1796. Although it offered some relief to a rum-fuelled colony, Boston took up trading and sailed to Tonga to trade with the Tongan locals at a banquet. But if reports are to be believed, he himself ended up as the main course.

We’re big fans of the Boston Mill’s Pale Ale created in his name, a well-refined pale with a nice taste of hops.

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