Featured Image for F.E.D.S: The Wall Street Journal with less white people

F.E.D.S: The Wall Street Journal with less white people

Do you feel like you are Big Meech? How about Larry Hoover? Never really got the Alpo references of your favorite rappers? Try reading F.E.D.S: Finally Every Dimension of the Streets. For a while before F.E.D.S, I really grew tired of magazines like The New Yorker, New York Magazine and Time Out New York that only gave me a few dimensions of the streets. The day I first read F.E.D.S, I knew we were meant to be together.

What more can you want from a magazine than an intermittent release date schedule, typos, hot women and legal advice. The magazine features in-depth stories about your favorite rappers, favorite hustlers, usually touching tales of upward mobility and informative accounts of business dealings. It’s like The Wall Street Journal with less white people. The mag is my go to for all of my studio sessions. Perfect for reading between loading session files and as a surface to roll one up on.

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