by The Urban Grocer in Cool Travel on Saturday 22 October 2011

Say you’re wandering the streets of Berlin and you happen upon a vintage milk and cheese truck that has a long line of people queued up outside it. What would you expect them to be waiting to buy: Frankfurters? Sauerkraut? A flotilla’s worth of German beer?

Could be, but not if you’ve been lucky enough to stumble upon the Vatos Tacos truck. In that case, jump in the line yourself and start licking your chops for the best Mexican fare this side of the Eiffel Tower.

The sights and sounds of Mexico may be thousands of miles away, but the country’s bold, spicy flavors can be found right here at Vatos Tacos. Just try the Macho Taco: two beef tacos topped with sautéed onions and habanero peppers, and you’ll see what we mean.

Looking for someone to hug in gratitude? That would be Billy Davis, a Texas native who had the brilliant idea of opening a taco truck in his newfound German home. All we can say is Dankeschön, amigo. Dankeschön.