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Fuck Yeah, Ryan Gosling

We are more than willing to overlook that unfortunate stint he had with the Mickey Mouse Club because The Gos-meister reigns supreme. He loves his ma, he breaks up street fights, and the boy can actually act.

The box offices aren’t constantly ringing ‘ka-ching’ for nothing. He has impeccable taste in choosing his roles (and his threads), and fully immerses himself in his craft by researching his characters to death. Having made a kitchen table for his role in ‘The Notebook’, he also learnt how to fix hot rods for his role in Drive. Oh yeah and when he’s not getting his hands dirty, he’s playing with his band and penning songs about ghosts and monsters. Clearly boyfriend and bro-crush worthy, this dedicated meme site doing the rounds is a Gos-lover’s delight.

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