by The Urban Grocer in New Events on Friday 14 October 2011

The Lewis Carroll classic has already inspired foodies from LA to London to Tokyo. This time around, the magic has turned up in Berlin, in the form of the Mad Potter ceramic exhibition — a Wonderland design-fest worthy of the trippiest tea party.

Brought to you by ‘the Vivienne Westwood of tableware’ The New English, a cutting-edge ceramics company based in the UK, the Mad Potter collection features the highest quality cups, saucers, teapots, milk jugs, and plates – all dressed up with designs from some eerily talented artists.

Just take a look at the plates: there’s the girl in the mirror plate, the cat-headed man plate, the creepy skull plate, and finally — our personal favorite — the goth goldfish plate, from designer Nanami Cowdroy.

Want one for your next tea party? There are only ten pieces of each design, so you’d better act fast – or risk getting left behind like the Cheshire cat’s grin.