Featured Image for ROA’s incredible large scale animal street art

ROA’s incredible large scale animal street art

Living in Brooklyn for the past two years, it’s frighteningly easy to forget what nature looks like without experiencing it on a regular basis. So it’s always nice to come across street artist ROA’s large-scale black and white animal work when I’m out walking or riding my bike around town.

ROA got his start painting abandoned buildings and warehouses in his hometown of Ghent, Belgium, and since then his work has been seen in New York, as well as London, Berlin, Warsaw and Paris. Whenever I stumble across his pieces, they act as a
bittersweet reminder of the natural world I’m missing outside NYC and how I need to get outta here more often for my own sanity.
roa street art (3)
roa street art (2)
roa street art (1)

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