Featured Image for Still Birth exhibition: taxidermy art by Polly Morgan

Still Birth exhibition: taxidermy art by Polly Morgan

Taxidermy, just like its more fashionable sister fur, is not everybody’s thing. If it is (or if you want Halloween to come a little early this year) check out Polly Morgan’s Still Birth exhibition, which could only be more disturbing if the babies were human.

In the showcase, baby chicks hang strangled from tiny balloons within bell jars and grouped together in lifeless, chick head bouquets. Creator Polly Morgan is sure to be on the receiving end of some criticism from animal lovers, but she also seems to be gaining a lot of admiration. Her exhibition, currently showing at art and publishing venture Other Criteria in London, has attracted notable art curators, international collectors and other high-profile names like Courtney Love and Kate Moss.

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Staying true to her expatriate upbringing, Bridget splits her time between Hong Kong, London and the surf town of Noosa on Australia’s East coast. She runs jewellery label, Barnett, with older sister and fashion illustrator, Kate.

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