Featured Image for Win the debut S.C.U.M album: Again Into Eyes

Win the debut S.C.U.M album: Again Into Eyes

S.C.U.M are anything but. No, their debut album, Again Into Eyes is a triumphant arrival, full of slick pop gems with a hard electro edge. We have 5 copies to giveaway to randomly selected LAEM readers who are also our Facebook Friends. To enter, be our Facebook Friend and leave the name of the city you’re in below this post.

This is a debut which has filtered through the collective unconscious long before its completion, and it already it feels burned into the cortex. Again Into Eyes reels from carnival-esque toughness to a second side that comes close to despair before mainlined redemption in the form of ‘Whitechapel’, a utopian, future-disco monolith, washed in otherworldly Mellotron and Choirs, it’s perhaps the biggest surprise on the record.

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