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Lower Dens Exxon Ad

At the risk of tarnishing my metal cred (if it ever even existed), I really love Lower Dens. I think front-woman Jana Hunter writes gorgeous lyrics, and the band’s music is catchy and accessible without being too polished or safe.

Recently, a portion of the band’s song ‘I Get Nervous’ appeared in an Exxon commercial that attempts to defend the energy company’s process for extracting natural gas. It’s caused some intense debates here in Baltimore, where we’re super tight-knit and we all know each other. Some people think the band has sold out and have given their support to an evil company that engages in fracking, a process that poisons groundwater in Maryland, and therefore the very water-supply we Baltimoreans depend on. Others defend the band, saying that there are few means of making money for a band with the collapse of the music industry, and we have to take what we can get. What do you all think?

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