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Life Drawing at The Book Club in Hoxton

Even if you’re just the student and not the model, it’s easily to feel like your being judged in a life drawing class. The students and the teacher have the tendency to be surprisingly conservative considering the subject matter. Fear of exposing myself as a terrible artist, and being super fidgety, has stopped me from doing any form of public art in the past.

The Book Club in Hoxton, on a Tuesday night, is my first attempt at conquering my fear.  Not only is there a bar down there (and a glass of wine waiting at the door when you arrive) but their are paints, crayons, pens in every colour of the rainbow, so if you feel like getting a little crazy, suit yourself.

I didn’t feel a single eye critiquing my surrealist interpretation of the model (who – no judging– was rocking fairy wings and dreadlocks).

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Staying true to her expatriate upbringing, Bridget splits her time between Hong Kong, London and the surf town of Noosa on Australia’s East coast. She runs jewellery label, Barnett, with older sister and fashion illustrator, Kate.

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