by Bridget Barnett in New Art on Thursday 15 September 2011

Even if you’re just the student and not the model, it’s easily to feel like your being judged in a life drawing class. The students and the teacher have the tendency to be surprisingly conservative considering the subject matter. Fear of exposing myself as a terrible artist, and being super fidgety, has stopped me from doing any form of public art in the past.

The Book Club in Hoxton, on a Tuesday night, is my first attempt at conquering my fear.  Not only is there a bar down there (and a glass of wine waiting at the door when you arrive) but their are paints, crayons, pens in every colour of the rainbow, so if you feel like getting a little crazy, suit yourself.

I didn’t feel a single eye critiquing my surrealist interpretation of the model (who – no judging– was rocking fairy wings and dreadlocks).