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Tube Crush: find your public transport crush

One of things I love about living in a big city like London or New York is that there is always something new to check out. Generally, that something tends to be an attractive man. Actually, he doesn’t even need to be that attractive. Checking out guys is just kind of fun when you are a sweaty, over-crowded central bound train at 8am in the morning and you need to find away to pass the time.

Since I’m out of the city for a few weeks and deprived of my daily beady-eye scout, I found a new way to get a fix. Behold Tube Crush, where my fellow London sisters upload sneaky photos of unsuspecting male commuters. Anyone is welcome to submit their own photos, although to avoid some awkward glances (or worse, accusations), don’t whip out your camera phone if subtly isn’t your strong point. New Yorkers can get the same enjoyment with the stateside version, Subway Crush.

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Staying true to her expatriate upbringing, Bridget splits her time between Hong Kong, London and the surf town of Noosa on Australia’s East coast. She runs jewellery label, Barnett, with older sister and fashion illustrator, Kate.

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