by The Urban Grocer in New Trends on Friday 2 September 2011

Oil changes aren’t generally something that your typical foodie would get excited about (unless, say, you’re this guy). But that could be changing soon thanks to the insanely talented design team over at Deli Garage in Berlin.

You remember these guys? It’s thanks to them that foodies everywhere can pimp their tomatoes with edible spray paint. And now they’ve come up with Oil Change, a sleek new line of olive oils that looks like the kind of thing you’d find on the shelves at the ultimate hipster gas station.

But the best part about the product? Those auto-chic packages contain some kick-ass olive oil. Made from hand-picked Arbequina olives grown in Catalonia, Spain, the oil has a mild, almond-y flavor that comes in three varieties: lemon, rosemary, and spicy chili pepper. At 30 euros (about $43) for three little bottles, the stuff certainly isn’t cheap – but might be worth the occasional splurge. So time for an oil change? Quite possibly. And – this time at least – my dad won’t even have to nag me.