by This Island Life in New Design on Wednesday 31 August 2011

Michael Perry from Walk the Plank has returned home with a fresh container load of furniture that will form the centerpiece of an exclusive show at Sydney’s China Heights Gallery. Titled Casually Approaching Shore, Perry’s debut collection has been inspired by the concept of casual furniture, which he has transformed into classic handcrafted pieces for everyday use.

While living in Central Java, Perry has stayed true to this environmentally ethical ethos. He works exclusively with reclaimed and responsibly sourced materials like un-seaworthy fishing vessels found along the coast of the Java Sea. These pieces are shaped, refined and crafted into pieces that have their own personality with their own story to tell.

If you’re in Sydney this weekend, head down to China Heights Gallery on Friday 2nd of September from 5pm for opening night. We’ll save you a sundowner.
Michael Perry furniture (2)
Michael Perry furniture (3)
Michael Perry furniture (4)