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Finders Keepers Records

I came across the British record label Finders Keepers within a little music shop in Austin, Texas, of all places. Browsing through the CD shelves looking for a good mix to help fuel my road-trip back to California, I spotted a spooked-out psychedelic jazz score to a 70s Czech horror film. It was so random and so strange that I knew that I had to have it.

With a little more digging, I found more and more amazing soundtracks to tons of obscure foreign films. Once I bought all of the Finders Keepers CDs in that shop, I knew I had to get to a computer and look this record company up. What I found was a website full of even more CDs for sale online. Pure music gold! If you love avant-garde and whacked-out movie music, this is your new best friend.

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