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Exotic cupcakes by Arthur and Aleksandra

These surreal new cupcake-concoctions from the laboratory of cake artisans Arthur and Aleksandra have us licking our lips, and hammering our credit cards, all at the same time. They’re almost too tasty, too stylish to eat. Almost!
Cakes pictured include:
Bakewell with a Twist – A cherry-studded frangipane filling, with a sweet, shortcrust pastry base. Drizzled with icing sugar and topped with a fresh cherry. Served with a pipette of Amaretto Liqueur.

Ultimate Chocolate – Rich and moist Chocolate Cupcakes with a hint of espresso. Iced with a rich chocolate buttercream and embellished with a dark chocolate curl, a dusting of cocoa and a candied walnut.

Banana, Bacon and Peanut Butter Muffin – A moist Banana Muffin sprinkled with chopped almonds & brown sugar. Topped with peanut butter frosting and embellished with crispy streaky bacon. Served with a pipette of maple syrup

Irish Cream and Coffee Cupcakes – Delicious Coffee Cupcakes topped with an indulgent Irish Cream frosting. Decorated with a white & dark chocolate curl & a dusting of cocoa. Served with a pipette of Irish Cream Liqueur.
Cupcake (2)
Cupcake (3)

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