The Body Architect work of Lucy McRae

What do you get if you take an architect and a classic ballerina? A Body Architect. That’s the official title of Lucy McRae, an Australian girl trained in both fields, who invents and builds structures on the skin that re-shape the human silhouette.

Swedish pop artist Robyn is a huge fan, and has tapped into McRae’s unusual talent to create the architectural fashion statement made in her Indestructible video clip [watch above]. The tubes of flowing coloured liquid wrapped around Robyn’s body make for a super impressive form of armor.

This isn’t the first time Robyn has used McRae’s help on a project: the dress (that word is being used very loosely) worn on Robyn’s Body Talk album cover is also a product of McRae’s talent.

About the author

Staying true to her expatriate upbringing, Bridget splits her time between Hong Kong, London and the surf town of Noosa on Australia’s East coast. She runs jewellery label, Barnett, with older sister and fashion illustrator, Kate.

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