by The Urban Grocer in Cool Travel on Friday 5 August 2011

Marketed as beer for punks, Scotland-based BrewDog has been conjuring up innovative new hardcore beers since early 2007. And now, you can down their hardcore brews with company at their recently opened series of bars throughout Scotland (of course) launched as a ‘focal point for the craft beer proletariat’.

Just like the brewery itself, the bars boast an edgy, punk rock feel. Or as the Scottish agency behind the interior, CM Design, puts it, the concept is ‘Cold War chic meets abandoned factory’. Fittingly, inspiration came from old warehouses throughout Eastern Europe and furniture, fixtures, and fittings were plucked from yards, auctions, antique boutiques, and even eBay. From northeast Scotland to around the world — in a bottle or at the bar — it seems BrewDog really is the beer with a bite.