Stephen Warwick and the Secondhand Stories

Although performing on stage with the likes of Nicole Atkins, A.C. Newman (the New Pornographers), Parlor Mob, and Craig Wedren (Shudder to Think), Stephen Warwick is a musician most of us haven’t heard of. He hails from Charlotte, NC, one of the largest banking cities in the southeastern United States. Not the most likely of places for a musician to grow creatively.

But according to Warwick, there are a lot of great bands coming out of this area. He released his debut album, Talking Machine, at the end of last year and received Critic’s Pick for one of the top 10 album’s of 2010 in Shuffle magazine, a quarterly music zine based out of North Carolina.

The music is an amalgam of acoustic driven indie-rock, folk, and magic. Warwick’s words are puzzles that keep the listener piecing the stories together. He just recently released a new single entitled Werewolf and upon downloading it, I discovered a hidden song. A cover of the 1983 dance classic Let the Music Play by Shannon. Can’t get enough of him, and I think you’ll agree.

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