Featured Image for Aires Mart: an amazing Buenos Aires street artist

Aires Mart: an amazing Buenos Aires street artist

The big map of Buenos Aires that I have is covered in squiggly yellow highlighter lines marking the streets that Annette and I have walked. After a couple years of street walking (in the non-prostitute sense of the term), I began noticing a particular street artist whose style was different to anything I’d seen previously on walls.

Then I was exiting the subway and saw a guy on a ladder putting lines on a wall. He was just beginning the design, but the style looked familiar, so I approached him with my camera in hand and asked him, ‘Did you create this?’, showing him a photo of the piece that first caught my attention nearly a year before. He took a while to answer. I think he was trying to decide whether I was looking to blame or compliment him.

It was indeed the artist whose work I’d appreciated as we walked the squiggly yellow lines of the streets of Buenos Aires. His nickname is Aires Mart and here are a few of his contributions to this intriguing city.
Street Art Buenos Aires (2)
Street Art Buenos Aires (3)
Street Art Buenos Aires (4)

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