Maedchenwahn: soft toy art made from your old sweater

Don’t we all have that one sweater that we’ve owned forever and can’t bring ourselves to throw away, even though we know it doesn’t fit us anymore, no matter how hard we try? Well, why not contact Izabella Markiewicz and let her turn that precious piece of textile into art to put on your wall.

Izabella has made it her mission to recycle other people’s beloved old t-shirts, blouses and other textiles creatively into cute little bags, handy sleeves and other belongings. She has also come up with a series of stuffed toy art for that purpose, which I find absolutely adorable. Her label is called Mädchenwahn, which means ‘girl craze’. Go figure!
Maedchenwahn toy (2)
Maedchenwahn toy (3)
Maedchenwahn toy (4)
Maedchenwahn toy (5)
Maedchenwahn toy (6)

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