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Haunted Amps

Here in Austin, odds are that your neighbor is in at least two bands. The music scene is as vast as any other American city, and then some. Being noticed amongst the chasm that is the Austin music scene takes more than luck or knowing the right people: you have to be genuine, you must have talent, and you must do something to differentiate yourself from everyone else.

Haunted Amps don’t seem to have any problems with said criteria – a true diamond in the rough. I saw them play a small venue and basically peel the paint off the walls. In April, they released a new conceptual record Saboteur Lost At Sea. The 3-piece write songs than center on water, nature, disaster and life at sea, wrapped in curtains of whirling guitar fuzz, uber-melodic bass riffage and some of the catchiest drumming I can remember since Animal of the muppets made a solo record. Haunted Amps are a true rare find.

About the author

Abandoned by his family as an infant, Jonathan was left on a doorstep in Romania and raised by other orphans on a steady diet of moldy bread and aurolac. He found his way to the states in the mid-80s and founded several underground publications such as Sports Illustrated and People magazine at the age of 11. Jonathan now lives in Austin with a bunch of other hip, white people.

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