Featured Image for ALAS: a sleepwear label by Betony and Kelly

ALAS: a sleepwear label by Betony and Kelly

ALAS is a sleepwear label from two clever lasses Betony and Kelly. Mindful of our precious environment their philosohy is rather zen and based on sustainability. Their gorgeous pajamas are 100 percent organic cotton and are fair trade accredited, too.

The acronym, All Light All Shadow, represents this nature of change: day to night, sleeping to waking. All of the prints and colour schemes in the ALAS collections are created by the designers to reflect these inspirations, producing vivid and unique garments to keep you company in the night time. The designs themselves have been thoughtfully constructed to be both comfortable and of a simple, graceful style. The carefully selected organic fabrics are soft to the touch and always breathable.
ALAS sleepwear (2)
ALAS sleepwear (3)
ALAS sleepwear (4)
ALAS sleepwear (5)
ALAS sleepwear (6)

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