Featured Image for David Jo Bradley’s Cabbage Patch Politics series

David Jo Bradley’s Cabbage Patch Politics series

David Jo Bradley is an Australian documentary photographer based in London. Of this confronting photo series, Cabbage Patch Politics, he says: ‘It’s an autobiographical documentation of my experiences with the cultural phenomenon of Bogans. I suppose you could say it’s a love story: I’ve always had a timid fascination for these rampant beast-people. As a small boy I lived in a rural town in Western Australia: going to school with Bogans meant I learnt their culture’.

‘Later, when I was a city kid with a camera, I started talking to them in bars, getting drunk with them. They would accept me, and I would photograph them. They liked me because I bought them drinks and ran amok with them, I suppose. Cabbage Patch Politics (the name relating to the callow nature of Bogan interaction) are photographs from 08 and 09, in bars, festivals, parties and sitting around Bogan houses’.
Photo by David Jo Bradley (3)

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