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The Hungover Cookbook

Everybody seems to have their own remedy for it: aspirin, coffee, soda water, hair of the dog. But now a man named Milton Crawford (a Brit, naturally) has written an actual manual for how to get rid of that morning-after ick: The Hungover Cookbook.

Before throwing you into the recipes, Crawford asks you to diagnose the particular strain of hangover from which you’re suffering. There are six varieties, he tells us, ranging from the Broken Compass (you feel disoriented, confused, and restless) to the Sewing Machine (you can’t shake that pulsating headache). Each variety of hangover comes with its own set of recommended medicine, in the form of hearty breakfast dishes like Mexican ranch-style eggs or a peanut butter, banana, and bacon sandwich. The dishes sound tasty; let’s just hope our bleary eyes let us read the instructions.

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Caitlin spends her days scouring the globe for the world’s coolest food finds. She is the founder of online food pop-culture mag, The Urban Grocer, and is a food writer, blogger, producer, television presenter and supper club chef. She lives between Europe and NY with her husband and their dog, Taco.

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