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Kylie Minogue Goddess Edition pop-up book

Yes, you heard right. That iconic Australian entertainer, Kylie Minogue, has been turned in a magnificent pop-up book. We were intrigued, so we got the low-down on the Kylie Minogue Goddess Edition pop-up book from the designer, Benja Harney. [Pre-order the book from here]

The idea of a pop-up book for this is awesome, but where/how was the seed planted that this would be the best approach in which to celebrate the subject (Kylie)?
‘Warner Music wanted to do something extra special to celebrate Kylie’s Aphrodite Tour in Australia on the back of the success of her album. What could be more amazing that a deluxe pop-up book for Kylie Minogue? The idea was the brainchild of Adam Callen from Katana Productions. He had heard about my previous paper creations and asked if I would be able to help. I didn’t think twice – what an amazing opportunity to celebrate a pop icon’.

How did the idea develop and change throughout the process?
‘We always had a clear idea of what we wanted to create for Kylie. It had to be a bespoke and unprecedented experience. You only get one chance to create something like this, so we have pulled out all the stops. We knew we had to include Kylie’s CD and we also had to reference her album art. Apart from that, we had a blank canvas. The notion of ‘Aphrodite’ is so rich and full of promise it was easy to conjure up the right feeling. I studied a lot of concert footage and images to generate my ideas’.

How much input, if any, has Kylie had in the creative workings of the book?
‘Funny fact: the first record I ever bought was Kylie’s Locomotion album, so you could say it’s been years of input! What with her current tour though, Kylie is a busy gal. She has approved everything we have created for her and I’m told she is ‘overjoyed’ with the Goddess Edition. We all are. I’m really proud of what our team have achieved over the last four weeks. We wanted to have a bit of fun with it all I think. It’s a pop-up book, so it’s very playful, but in a very adult and sophisticated way’.

Only 1,000 of these will be made. Will the book be released in another format or another run if demand dictates?
‘Hope so. That is up to Kylie’s fans, I guess’.

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