Featured Image for Idan Friedman’s Embossed Aluminum Trays

Idan Friedman’s Embossed Aluminum Trays

Many have tried to take disposable items and turn them into amazing artwork. Most of them have failed. It isn’t an easy task. But somehow Israeli-based designer Idan Friedman has managed to do just that with his ‘ordinary people and disposable objects’ series: taking friends and family members portraits to the next level by embossing them onto aluminum trays.

Each piece looks like an homage to ancient coins, with famous rulers on them. The attention to detail is remarkable when you realize that all of this work is done on food trays, the same kind you buy in bulk pack at the grocery store. And in this expendable culture we live in, it’s nice to be reminded of a time when things were handmade, and of good quality, and not of cheap metal.
Idan Friedman tray art (2)
Idan Friedman tray art (3)
Idan Friedman tray art (4)

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