Featured Image for Kent Monkman’s hyper-sexualized depiction of colonization

Kent Monkman’s hyper-sexualized depiction of colonization

Canadian artist Kent Monkman, paints what appears to be the traditional white man’s representation of the colonization over Native Americans. But closer examination reveals a much more hyper-sexualized depiction, full of violence and role playing.

The awkward sexual tension is heightened even more thanks to the beautifully painted landscapes, which seem to be the most puritan subject depicted. Strangely enough, though, the sexual and violent figures in the end seem almost cheeky, thanks to Monkman’s use of Cher theatrics. Monkman’s paintings also have me wondering what Thanksgiving would be like if depicted this way. Would carving the turkey have the same meaning?
Kent Monkman art (2)
Kent Monkman art (3)
Kent Monkman art (4)

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