Featured Image for Jaw dropping paintings of Robert McGinnis

Jaw dropping paintings of Robert McGinnis

Just like the way spaceships and monsters will never feel quite as cool in CGI as they do in stop-motion animation (Mars Attacks by Tim Burton was supposed to be all stop-motion, imagine!), so the femme fatales will never feel quite as seductive and men holding guns never quite as spy-like in Mac-generated Photoshopped splendor as they did in the paintings of old posters and paper backs. The brilliant eye behind most of these drawings? Robert McGinnis.

He’s like Norman Rockwell if Norman Rockwell had been mistaken for an international criminal mastermind and was led on a reckless treasure hunt through Europe, losing his virginity to a whore in Prague, then dodging bullets while sipping a martini on skis crossing the Swiss/Italian border.
Robert McGinnis art (2)
Robert McGinnis art (3)
Robert McGinnis art (4)

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