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Jad Fair live in Austin

I had somewhat forgotten about Jad Fair over the years. After watching Half Japanese: The Band That Would Be King years ago, and being rather touched by the story behind Jad and his bandmates, not to mention their music, I’ve been unable to find much by way of recent activity. Then I heard he was playing in my hometown, Austin. Jad Fair live: this should get interesting, and interesting turned out to be an understatement.

With shoulder-length, gray hair and that same honest and unforced smile, Jad and his band tore through songs about dresses, ferris wheels and monsters, Jad playing a custom-made guitar, detuned to basically nothing and bending the neck to create some very interesting sounds and a cool, happy vibe ensued. There were probably 25 people in the audience, which was a bit sad that the room wasn’t packed because it’s a show I’ll never forget.

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Abandoned by his family as an infant, Jonathan was left on a doorstep in Romania and raised by other orphans on a steady diet of moldy bread and aurolac. He found his way to the states in the mid-80s and founded several underground publications such as Sports Illustrated and People magazine at the age of 11. Jonathan now lives in Austin with a bunch of other hip, white people.

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