Featured Image for Mail Me Cookies Galore event

Mail Me Cookies Galore event

We’ve set-up a worldwide snail-mail-challenge for foodies and all of those who love to share recipes, experiences, or just plain ol’ cookie dough fresh out of the bowl. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Get an applicant’s address on the Eat With Me website who has signed up for the Mail Me Cookies Galore event (really from anywhere in the world), whisk up one of your favorite cookie recipes, and send them by post with a copy of the recipe to follow-through and a short story on why this particular flavor came to be such a big part of your life. Super easy, right? Well then, let’s make it happen. Get bakin’ and get a postin’!

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Recorded a cool, fun, funny, or inspiring video (or even better, all of the above!) that you'd love to have more people see? Well, we'd like to see it. And if we dig it, we'll turn it into a Found At E Minor (FAEM) video for our Facebook audience to enjoy. Check out this awesome recent example and submit your videos here!