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American Grilled Cheese Kitchen

There are few things more perfectly satisfying than a classic grilled cheese sandwich. But then again, I suppose it couldn’t hurt to add a few more toppings. If you agree, than the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen in San Francisco is your mecca.

And if you decide to embark upon this cheesy pilgrimage, you’ll find a hip little joint overflowing with gooey greased sandwiches run by the cutely self-titled Big Cheese and Commander-in-Cheese. This awesome duo of spatula-wielding grill masters serve up a great selection of twists on the classic like the Piglet, a sharp cheddar grilled cheese accompanied by artisan cured ham, apple mustard and rosemary butter. There’s also the Jalapeno Popper filled with chevre, Monterey jack, applewood smoked bacon and jalapeno-apricot relish. They also cover their countertops in what they’ve dubbed “muffin porn” (i.e. a smorgasbord of puffy muffins bursting with fruit and sprinklings of sugar).

So break free from your grilled cheese doldrums and try sampling a few with a little pizzazz, for as the AGCK will remind you, you’ve got to fight for your right to havarti. [Photo via Lori Eanes for the Wall Street Journal]

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