by The Urban Grocer in New Food and Packaging on Friday 22 April 2011

Like all good Parisians, Poilâne boulangerie and patisserie is passionate about bread – and really stellar bread at that. With two locations in Paris and one in London, this family owned boutique bakery is all about combining old school and contemporary methods, while using the best possible ingredients to turn out handsome breads, tasty tarts and tartines, flaky pastries, and more.

But among all these carbohydrate-filled dreams, their edible forks and spoons are a true standout. Their curry-flavored cracker fork is perfect for dipping into some mint-speckled Indian yogurt and other savory canapés. And forsweets, just use their shortbread spoon to dive into any number of tempting desserts. Leave it to the Parisians to turn even typically inedible objects into tasty, flaky, butter ones.