by The Urban Grocer in New Trends on Friday 8 April 2011

Foodies connecting with other foodies. That’s a concept we love here at The Urban Grocer. And that’s why we’re especially thrilled to throw a spotlight on Super-Marmite, a ‘social marketplace for homemade meals’ that has caught fire in Paris, a foodie nirvana if ever there was one.

Here’s how it works: Next time you whip up a tasty meal at home, make a few extra servings then log on to Super-Marmite to sell your genius creations to hungry folks in your neighborhood. Sick of your usual take-out? Check out Super-Marmite to see what’s cooking down the street.

The brainchild of a French techie named Olivier Desmoulin, Super-Marmite is meant to ‘praise the gastronomic richness and eclectism produced daily by individuals’ while offering ‘an alternative choice to the classic take-away businesses’. Um, our thoughts exactly.

So far, the Super-Marmite phenomenon has only really taken off in Paris, where it was launched in May last year, but this inspiring idea is bound to take root overseas. So spread the word to all of your neighborhood peeps — then log on, and get cooking.