Featured Image for A celebration of Ignatz Bier in Berlin

A celebration of Ignatz Bier in Berlin

This is the story of Ignatz Nacher. In 1905, Nacher invented the pasteurization of beer, which was followed by the opening up of his own brewery in Berlin. And not just any brewery; here, the first production of the now famous Pilsner beer was celebrated. But, being German and Jewish, the Nazis claimed it for the regime and Nacher eventually died poor in Switzerland, while the brewery helped fund the war. It’s not a real happy story.

But, a group of artists in Berlin are looking to breathe new life into Nacher’s legacy – at least for one night. Thanks to the HomeBase Project art group, Ignatz Bier — a special, artisanal brew — will see a limited launch this weekend in Berlin. Beer tastings, exhibitions, and art installations are set to take place on the site of the pre-war brewery, which is today a year-round art and cultural center that will soon house the HomeBase Lab. The event aims to honor Nacher with artistic redemption, while celebrating the future of the building as a space to promote social responsibility through the arts. Well, prost to that!

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