Featured Image for Microchip Art by Yuri Zupancic

Microchip Art by Yuri Zupancic

I was at a creative catch-up night when I met an American man with a small, rectangular suitcase. The size of the suitcase could have held an old Western hand-gun, or perhaps a flute? But it didn’t contain any of the above. It was a small art gallery.

The man I met was Yuri Zupancic, and he paints works of art on microchips. Yes, you read that correctly, those tiny little electronic pieces that go in computers! From animals, to pictures of space and tiny little portraits, Yuri achieves the most detailed art on a miniature scale using oil paint, and sometimes even his own eye lashes as a brush.

The works are usually a square inch or less in size, and a magnifying glass is supplied if you can make it to one of Yuri’s exhibitions. Currently travelling around Australia, if you have the privilege of meeting Yuri, consider yourself very lucky; art this small doesn’t usually come around unless you are Alice In Wonderland post-consuming the bottle that says ‘DRINK ME’.

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