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Mmmmm, beer? Walgreens Private Label

Shopping for prescription drugs and cheap beer just got a little easier! Walgreens drugstores just launched their own canned brew, which is now available in about half of their 7,655 stores across the US. At just 50 cents a can and $2.99 for a 6-pack (that’s right!) it just got a whole lot cheaper to drink your sorrows away. That’s at least half as expensive as most bottled waters (is that even ethical?). In fact, we think it’s cheaper than not drinking at all.

As you probably already suspect, this beer is, well, foul tasting. The Beeronaut noticed a distinct skunk odor when he cracked open a can and felt a headache coming on after drinking the last sip. But quality isn’t the point. The unspoken agenda at Walgreens is to “redefine the “cheap” in cheap drunk” says Zoe Fox at Time. At TUG we pride ourselves at bringing your attention tobeautiful food products. But sometimes it’s necessary to sound the alarm. We know times are tough, but we didn’t expect anything to fill the Four Loco void so quickly.

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