Featured Image for Hand and Eye Supply demin machinist apron

Hand and Eye Supply demin machinist apron

We know these aren’t exactly sold as ‘cooking’ aprons but we couldn’t resist. Some of our design savvy readers will recognize Core 77’s Hand and Eye Supply shop, which sells artist supplies, shop tools, and workwear for ‘creative laborers of all stripes’.

Cooks, we think, fit snugly into this definition, right? We’re digging this smart demin machinist apron. With all the pockets there’s plenty of room for a meat thermametor, tasting spoon, and even a snack. There’s got to be someone out there looking for a heavy duty kilt style apron and we’ve never seen anything quite like it. Perfect for those needing to have their kitchen tools close at hand.
Denim Machinists Apron
Denim Machinists Apron

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