by The Urban Grocer in New Food and Packaging on Friday 7 January 2011

La Puglia in un piatto is food porn with swagger. Deep, midnight blue mussels are scattered nonchalantly with emeralds, creams, and reds that pop like confetti off the cookbook’s page. Golden mushrooms sit like kings in a stark white ramekin beside a sprinkling of herbs and a rich yellow drizzle of olive oil. Counter to each of these mouth-watering photos lies striking illustrations and plates that rock a contemporary, pop-culture vibe.

Released in December 2010, La Puglia in un piatto is clearly no ordinary cookbook. Though there are 60 traditional recipes from the Southern Italian region of Puglia contained within its +170 pages, its intent is to satisfy all of your senses at the same time as you fill up your belly. The work of Italian design agency Usopposto, the book seeks to explore – aesthetically – the “relationship that unites every dish to ‘its’ plate.” In this work, design and territory are linked. The result is a cookbook bursting with style, creativity, and poppy art that is high-concept enough to sit on your coffee table. That is, if it didn’t move you to head back into the kitchen first.