Last Ride: Australian movie starring Hugo Weaving

Most movies avoid morally flawed and reprehensible central characters since it’s too hard to get audiences to empathise with them. Instead they go for safe fluffy leads who have a few little problems, but are only misunderstood and really, they’re the sorts of people that we should aspire to be. Boring and yuk.

Last Ride does the opposite and pulls it off sensationally well thanks to an intelligent and balanced script, wonderful direction and a superb performance by Hugo Weaving. Australian cinema has recently been accused of being too bleak and depressing, but anything done well is worthwhile. I still don’t understand how such a flawed character was able to hold my attention for so long. An ex-con kidnaps his son and goes on a road trip. That’s all I’m telling you. Not an easy film to watch, but oh so worthwhile.

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