Featured Image for Ursa Major natural shave cream for men

Ursa Major natural shave cream for men

The digital consultancy branch of our parent company, Conversant Media, has been buried deep in a project over the past few months, building a website and incorporating an e-commerce platform for new Vermont-based supernatural men’s skin care brand, Ursa Major. The website we built is now live, and the first Ursa Major product, Stellar Shave Cream, is available in their online store, as well as through the perennially hip Odin stores in New York. It characterises the unique Ursa Major offering: ‘a spirited alternative to evil personal care’.

The artfully designed packaging and branding work was done by Ptarmak, an Austin-based studio, with a wonderfully creative aesthetic and a client list that includes Kashi, Bitchin Hitchin, and Bear Naked. And as for the shaving cream itself, well, let me say from personal experience, it’s a rich and indulgent experience. Or, as my brother Zac noted, ‘it’s like a Yoga retreat for the face’. Indeed.
ursa major branding
ursa major branding
ursa major branding

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