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Nerd Boyfriend

Do you want your nerdy boyfriend to rock leather bombers like Phil Collins? Or be able to pull off printed ties with plaid tops like Andy Warhol? Luckily, Nerd Boyfriend can help you do both. This website lists classic images of famous men dressed to impress (in an understated, cool, intellectual sort of way) with a link directly below each image that leads you to an article explaining how you can look like that person. Just think, with a few clicks, you could be dating a young Dustin Hoffman!

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Recorded a cool, fun, funny, or inspiring video (or even better, all of the above!) that you'd love to have more people see? Well, we'd like to see it. And if we dig it, we'll turn it into a Found At E Minor (FAEM) video for our Facebook audience to enjoy. Check out this awesome recent example and submit your videos here!