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Kopi Luwak coffee

I say a good coffee is one you think about long after drinking it. I also say eating something from a cat’s bum is a not a good idea. Until I tasted Kopi Luwak — the rarest, most expensive coffee in the world, often fetching up to US$79 a cup, and comes from the poo of the Asian Palm civet. This feline sniffs out only the finest, ripest and sweetest coffee beans, eats them and then leaves little nuggets of undigested coffee gold behind (pun intended).

These little ‘nuggets’ are then handpicked and thoroughly washed and cleansed before being processed in the normal fashion to make this top grade coffee.

So what does the most expensive coffee in the world taste like? Try it for yourself. For Australian-based readers, this smooth, velvety liquid gold is available at Olio’s in St Leonards for just AU$9 a poop, err I mean ‘pop’. But get there soon, supplies are surely limited.

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