Featured Image for Glen Friedman’s Gallery Show at 941 Geary

Glen Friedman’s Gallery Show at 941 Geary

Glen E. Friedman was everywhere you wish you could have been: the dog (town) days of skateboarding, the salad days of hardcore, the golden age of hip-hop. And the photos he took along the way are now as prolific as the subjects he captured.

For thirteen years, Friedman’s Fuck You All collection has traveled from gallery to gallery and on November 6, it will touch down at San Francisco’s 941 Geary with a mind-blowing new addition: five adaptations from occasional Lost At E Minor contributor Shepard Fairey. Check out Fairey’s take on Public Enemy [below] and Cornel West [above] and look forward to rumored remakes of Tony Alva, Jim Muir and Bad Brains.
shepard fairey art

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