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Cupcakes in a Jar

Let’s face it: sometimes, you just need a cupcake. If the urge tends to strike at inopportune moments — when you’re stuck in six o’clock traffic, in the middle of a long-haul flight, or 20th in line at the post office, say — you might consider stocking up on some Cupcakes in a Jar, an ingenious new treat from London’s G Desserts.

Eminently portable, these little goodies come in lip-licking flavors like red velvet, lemon passion, and chocolate nutter, and they’re even topped with a double-helping of extra creamy icing. Toss one in your bag for the next time a cupcake craving catches you off guard. These little treats are guaranteed to hit the spot.

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Caitlin spends her days scouring the globe for the world’s coolest food finds. She is the founder of online food pop-culture mag, The Urban Grocer, and is a food writer, blogger, producer, television presenter and supper club chef. She lives between Europe and NY with her husband and their dog, Taco.

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