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What do you get when you combine the most famous doodle artist in the world with a cult figure in the Berlin art underground, then throw in a ukulele, a bunch of masks, an obsession with salad and an overactive sense of worry? Anxieteam is the new musical collaboration between internationally acclaimed visual artists Jon Burgerman and Jim Avignon.

Through the magic of electronic sounds and fumbled strumming on the ukulele, Anxieteam will transport you to a dreamy electronic, yo-fi, blip-blopy pop world of anxiety, heartbreak and salads. The first single, Let’s Eat Soya!, is predicted to be the new anthem for herbivores. With its smutty salad double meanings and catchy lyrics of ‘I’m a veggie, you’re a vegan, let’s eat Soya!’, this song will be tossed around in your mind all day. Visitors to Anxieteam gigs can expect masked dancers, live painting, salad-making workshops, biscuit giveaways and digital portrait making.

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