Featured Image for One Hundred t shirts: new Australian fashion

One Hundred t shirts: new Australian fashion

Plenty of fashion-PR-spam floods my inbox as we transcend into a new wardrobe season, but this week one Look Book caught my eye. New kid on the block streetwear label, One Hundred, launched this week in Brisbane with the mantra that the humble t-shirt should become an individualistic canvas.

I had stylist-envy over the fashion imagery for their first volume, The End Is Near, mainly because their concept was so simple yet clever — featuring gold spray-painted keyboards, skateboards, beer bottles and skulls as shimmering props throughout. Each design is produced in limited edition runs of 100 (hence the name) and every tee comes gift boxed and hand-numbered, making every piece a wearable collectible.
one hundred t-shirts
one hundred t-shirts

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