Justin Bieber’s U Smile at 800 percent slower

Random piece of pop trivia: if you slow Justin Bieber’s horrendous tweeny anthem U Smile down to an eight-hundredth of its original speed, it sounds eerily like an outtake from an Orb recording session. Ambient music has never been so … err … hip. Don’t believe us? Have a listen here.

INVITE: 6 Aussie artists will turn Sydney's aMBUSH Gallery into a giant canvas for a night!

We've assembled a group of talented young creatives and armed them each with a new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 or Microsoft Surface Book on which to create an original piece of art. The big reveal of these works will take place on December 10 at an immersive event at Sydney's aMBUSH Gallery. If you want to come along, let us know why here.