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Paper Pastries Chef Pencil Set

As a chef, I’m never without a pen to take notes with. How else will I be able to remind myself of my daily do’s and don’ts?! Now it seems I’ll be switching to pencil due to the instantaneous attraction I felt when coming across the Paper Pastries Chef Pencil Set.

An immediate throw back to the days of Lillian Vernon and their personalized pencils, I still recall one year at Hanukkah when my family received an accidental order of 300 — boldly stamped with the name Jesus Christ. Many, of which, still exist around the house today.

Unlike the Lillian Vernon pencils, the Paper Pastries ones are super cool. They come in sets of six (in a sweetly embroidered bags) and there are a handful of edgy options to choose from (like ‘Know It All’ and ‘Make A Point’). You’ll surely be able to find a set that suites your fancy. Unfortunately, Jesus Christ is not one of them.
Paper Pastries Chef Pencils

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