by The Urban Grocer in New Food and Packaging on Friday 13 August 2010

Have you ever spotted a tempting-looking treat, drooled over it, and then jumped back when you saw the dreaded words printed boldly before you: vegan? Not so with Berkeley’s all-vegan bakery Cinnaholic. This brand new hotspot flaunts an energetic rock-n-roll attitude while specializing uniquely in the sinful cinnamon roll.

But don’t expect the selection to be easy — there are over twenty frosting flavours from cream soda to pumpkin spice. And there are just as many delightful toppings like pomegranate seeds, shredded coconut, and brownie chunks. Don’t forget that there are seasonal specialties too such as key lime, mocha almond, and rocky road. And while they might not exactly be healthy for you, they are made with soy, non-hydrogenated oils, and sweetened with evaporated cane juice. So you can definitely afford to try at least one, right?