by The Urban Grocer in New Food and Packaging on Thursday 12 August 2010

Call it the tomboy truffle. Take those classic manly snacks — pretzels and beer — and wrap them up in a little ball of smooth, rich milk chocolate ganache. There you have it: the beer and pretzel truffle from Chicago’s own Truffle Truffle chocolate shop. Feeling a little more gourmet? Check out their pinot truffle — a scrumptious little ball of red-wine infused dark chocolate ganache, covered in another layer of dark chocolate.

In the mood to celebrate? The champagne-soaked truffle might be just what you need. A couple of weeks ago we stumbled on some luscious tipsy ice cream. Now we’re gushing over truffle truffle’s alcohol-loving treats. This booze plus dessert trend is definitely something we could get used to.